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Ramen Business

What is Ramen Business?

How to make ramen soup

Making ramen soup takes a long time and it is hard to control the quality.

Needs specialist for operation and hard to extend business

cooking time is less than 4 hours. Save time, utility costs, etc.

New way to cook ramen

high pressure vessel can make high quality soup stock with a 95% repeated success rate

Pressure cooking completely changes the cooking operation

  • PSI capacity: 21-60

  • Cooking temp: 110-140℃/230-284℉


High pressure vessel benefit 

This is a Game changer for the Ramen Market

This is the ASME Certified high-pressure vessel in the USA

ASME = American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASME standerd is World Standard. You can use it throughout whole world

Made with stainless steel. Easy maintenance. It is not only a pressure cooker; it can be use many other ways

  • Reduce  cooking time to a tenth of what it was before & no longer require overnight cooking 

  • Reduce utility costs & improve the kitchen environment

  • improve soup stock quality & reduce the cost of making soup

  • No longer require a specially skilled person. Anyone can make high quality soup every single time 

  • Easily recover your initial investment & make a lot of money. Etc

Pressure cooker will help you save and bring in money.

Ramen Cost analysis

Average Ramen Cost is $2.00 ~ 3.00
Cost may vary depending on the type of ramen you chose

Total $2.40


Business model

High end restaurant model

High end restaurant model

Normal Ramen store model

Normal Ramen store modle
ramen bar ichi
ramen bar ichi 2

original style of ramem shop

Self-Service Ramen shop and bar.
Showing making process for noodle and gyoza

Original style of ramen shop
new style ramen shop

Business model comparison


Since each has advantages and disadvantages, it is important to choose a model that fits the location & market

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