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Ramen Consultant

Kenichi Ota.

I directed the Ramen Yokochou Festival, the largest ramen festival in U.S. This amazing event brought together as many as 14 domestic and international ramen shops for a 2 day event that fed over 30,000 hungry ramen aficionados. I was responsible for planning, marketing, and implementing this festival. Next, I spearheaded the opening of a new ramen shop in Houston, Texas. I led a team in the design, furnishing, and marketing of this new restaurant. Additionally, I created recipes for the new menu. I also served as a consultant for the planning, creating, and grand opening for a new ramen shop in Bay Area . Both restaurants remain popular and highly rated on Yelp. While living in Japan for the past 10 months. I opened a takeout gyoza kitchen in my hometown. It has become consistently popular.

  • Whether the vision for your ramen traditional or original, I would love to help support it.

  • My experience as a head chef in Houston will help ensure the smooth operation of any new restaurant in which I am involved.

  • I also have experience running the administrative side of the business, from managing employees to accounting.

  • I am associated with a ramen school in Japan and can help facilitate classes for those interested.

  • I can help with your restaurant from the planning stages through the grand opening and beyond.

  • With over 10 years of living and working in California and the U.S., I am familiar with the domestic restaurant market and will help advise you along the way.

This is my work

Ramen bar ichi


A full service ramen restaurant with 53 seats. They serve tonkotsu ramen, vegetable ramen, and tsukemen. It currently has a Yelp rating of 4.5 stars and has over 420 reviews.



It is a full service restaurant with both bars and tables and has over 100 seats total. They serve tonkotsu ramen, vegetable ramen, and shoyu ramen. It also has a Yelp rating of 4.5 and currently has a total of 400 reviews.

Shinshu Nama Gyoza Hana

It is my takeout gyoza shop in Nagano, Japan. Our specialty is freshly made gyoza ready for takeout. Every weekday, we sell around 2,000 gyoza. On the weekends, we reach around 5,000 pieces a day.

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We also support many other ramen restaurants 

This map is a customer who helped Ramen Support

From business model design, layout design, recipe creation, food supply support We accept any issues according to your case

I will go anywhere, so please feel free to contact us

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